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KEF R300 Receives an Outstanding Review from Hi-Fi World!


The impressive KEF R300 recently received a glowing review from audiophile journal, Hi-Fi News. Following a thorough evaluation, the bookshelf speakers earned themselves a raft of highly enthusiastic comments and HiFi News magazine’s ‘Highly Commended’ Award.

’One is instantly struck by its ability to make music in a sophisticated, refined and balanced way.’

‘The soundstage was set out brilliantly: wide and tall and deep, it proved far more immersive than any thousand-pound speaker has a right to be.’

KEF R300, Hi-Fi News, January 2017

The KEF R300 features the latest Uni-Q driver array and a 6.5-inch LF bass driver. Its stylishly uncluttered appearance beautifully complements the fast and clean mid-range response. With dynamic, uncompressed and undistorted performance, the R Series provides a clarity and realism that proves why the KEF R300 is true award winner.

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