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LS50 Wireless Receives Superb Review in Hi-Fi+ June Edition



The KEF LS50 Wireless has recently been subject of a glowing 3-page review in the highly influential specialist audio magazine, Hi-Fi+. The LS50 Wireless was featured prominently on the June edition, along with the cover-line “Excellence for All: Is KEF’s LS50 Wireless All The Hi-Fi You Need?”.

“LS50 Wireless was created with an ambitious goal in mind – to effectively deliver 90% of the performance of a £20,000 system in two boxes for £2,000 – and it achieves that goal.”

“If the 21st Century has deconstructed hi-fi, then the KEF LS50 Wireless ably demonstrates that deconstruction process need not come at the expense of great sound.”

“This is one of the best and most important products we’ll see all year.”

- KEF LS50 Wireless, Hi-Fi+, June 2017

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