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What Hi-Fi? gives KEF LS50 Wireless a Five-Star Rating



Following on from the glowing review from the experts at Hi-Fi+, the LS50 Wireless has now been awarded a maximum 5-star score after a thorough evaluation by the team at What Hi-Fi?

Not only impressed by the performance and design, the reviewers also enthused about the range of features including the preamp functionality with digital and analogue inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and the inclusion of streaming services, such as TIDAL, built in.

‘To our ears they sound at least as good as the best comparably featured separates combinations available for similar money. Remember, here there are no extra electronics to house or cables to hide, just a pair of beautifully built speakers on (ideally) a pair of stands. Neat.’  
What Hi-Fi? July 2017

Read the review in full here

Find out more about the LS50 Wireless here, or locate your nearest retailer to book a demo.