Is your KEF LS50 Wireless firmware up to date?

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Is your KEF LS50 Wireless firmware up to date?

The latest firmware is available for all LS50 Wireless owners to update their speakers.

The firmware is required for both of KEF’s new apps (KEF Control and KEF Stream) to function properly. Please ensure it is installed prior to downloading the new apps as older versions will no longer be supported. The KEF LS50 Wireless Firmware Update Tool is required to make these updates, visit the KEF Product Support page to download the programme. This programme will recognise what firmware your LS50 Wireless Speakers are currently running and will instruct how to update it if necessary.

What is firmware?

Firmware is the programming that is embedded in your LS50 Wireless speakers which enables it to function. It is important that firmware is kept up to date for the following reasons:

  • New apps associated with the speakers cannot function without it
  • Bugs and issues that the speakers may experience are usually fixed in updated versions of firmware
  • Keeps speakers working at optimal performance


How to install the KEF LS50 Wireless Firmware Update Tool:

  1. Head to the KEF Product Support page
  2. Scroll to find the LS50 Wireless Firmware Update download and install the version relevant to you, either MAC OS X or Windows.
  3. Install and follow instructions to complete the firmware update.

Should you have any queries or problems updating your firmware, please contact KEF’s Service Department on 01622 672261 or


When should I update the KEF LS50 Wireless firmware?

KEF will notify users when a new firmware update is available to download via email and the KEF website in News & Events. Equally, you can install and run the Firmware Update Tool to check what version of firmware your speakers are supporting and update it if it is necessary to do so.


Have you had an error while updating your LS50 Wireless’ Firmware?

Contact your local retailer or KEF’s Service Centre on 01622 672261. They will be able to talk you through each stage of the update and advise on any problems you may face along the way.

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