The Power of Sound

'Power of Sound' is a collaborative podcast series with Monocle 24, where we unpack the impact that sound has on our mind and soul. Each episode focuses on a different audiophile, from sound designers, to musicans and nature recordists. Discover more below.
Monocle 24 delivers an unrivalled platform for live, global news, the best music and magazine shows covering everything from business, culture and design to hospitality, media and urbanism. The global radio station with an audience of over 1.5 million per month is proud to be the home of premium brands on air and in podcasts, creating programming that brings authority, warmth and great storytelling to audio.

Nainita Desai

In this episode, composer Nainita Desai talks about using 3D Atmos sound to illustrate how the non-verbal autistic characters experience different senses in the documetary 'The Reason I Jump'.

Tune in to hear her break down her techniques and the musical choices she makes in her unique approach to sound design.

Emile Mosseri

Nominated for an Oscar for his recent work on the Golden Globe-winning film Minari, Emile Mosseri speaks about creating 'romantic' music and how rewarding it is when he hears his compositions come to life.

Arlo Parks

With the relase of her BBC Sound of 2020 nominated debut album 'Collapsed in Sunbeams', Arlo Parks speaks to us about the the various influences and what 'Power of Sound' means to her in this episode.

Roderick Cox

Now based in Berlin, the American classical musician and conductor Roderick Cox has been a champion of diversity and a celebrated face of change within the classical music establishment.

In this episode, Cox tells us about the works that inspired him to become a conductor, and the addictive feeling of hearing a large orchestra ensemble.

Ben and Max Ringham

Brothers Ben and Max Ringham are known for their immersive 3D sound design that uses binaural technology, making a name for themselves with sound design for theatre shows such as 'Anna' at the National Theatre.

Make sure to listen to this episode with your headphones to fully immerse yourself in the 3D sound experience.

Grant Kirkhope

Composer Grant Kirkhope was responsible for the classic video game soundtracks such as 'GoldenEye 007' and 'Civilisation', and became the first-ever Western composer for the Super Mario series.

Tune in to this episode to hear his views on the role of music in video games and why he thinks video game music will become the classical music of the future.

Midori Komachi

Violinist Midori Komachi was born in Japan has lived all around the world, performing professionally since the age of 12. It is no surprise that the way she perceives sound is tied to a sense of place.

In this episode she talks about how anime influenced her career choice of becoming a violinist, and how she explores the relationships between architecture, cities, landscapes and sound in her music.

Johnnie Burn

As a sound designer, editor and mixer, Johnnie Burn has worked on sounds ranging from the Skype log on sound to TV commercials for Guiness.

He has also worked on Yorgos Lanthimos's films 'The Lobster' and 'The Favourite', and talks to us about how he chooses sound that enhance a film's narrative.

Susan Rogers

Best known for having worked as a sound engineer on Prince's Purple Rain, Susan Rogers talks about how she was attracted to the profession for purely practical reasons.

Tune into this episode where she talks to us about her inspirations and about her current tenure at the Berklee College of Music.

Hannah Peel

In this episode, Emmy-nominated composer, musician and artist Hannah Peel speaks to Monocle on the role that sound has played in her life.

Her work explores ideas of memory, neurology and sound, and she is renowned for her work in eletronica.

Listen now below.

Chris Watson

You may have heard award-winning sound recordist Chris Watson's compositions across radio and TV, including HBO series 'Chernobyl' as well as Sir David Attenborough's 'Life and 'Frozen Planet'.

His works have also been exhibited in The Louvre and the National Gallery, as one of the leading documenters of the natural world.

Listen to this episode where he talks to Monocle's Rober Bound about wehre his passion for sound came from, as well as clips from his album 'Stepping into the Dark'.
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