Immersive power of deep detailed bass


Immersive power of deep detailed bass


Immersive power of deep detailed bass


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There are subwoofers…
and there are KEF subwoofers.

KEF’s subwoofers create sonic splendour, delivering depth and accuracy to your audio in equal measure. Room-friendly designs and innovative acoustic technology keep them ahead of the pack, so it’s just a case of selecting the subwoofer that best suits your needs to elevate your listening experience to breathtaking heights.

Discover KEF Subwoofers

Take home the immersive power of deep detailed bass with unrivalled acoustic accuracy that drops you right into the heart of the action. Over 60 years of innovation in crafting award-winning speakers has made us an authority in sound, and our subwoofer range brings home the visceral experience of modern immersive sound like no other for movies, gaming, music, and streaming.

Key Technologies


Maximises bass, minimises space

Uni-Core® combines both back-to-back drivers into a single motor system. The overlapping, concentrically arranged voice coils allows for far more driver excursion than in other force cancelling design, unlocking more output and depth from less space.
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Music Integrity Engine®

KEF's proprietary DSP algorithms

Each unique Music Integrity Engine® is precisely tuned to allow all components within the individual subwoofer to work in perfect harmony, elevating the overall performance for remarkable integrity, detail, and accuracy of sound.
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P-Flex Surround

Engineered for precision

The pleated structure resists internal air pressure, allowing the driver to move precisely as dictated by the audio signal. The result is a deeper bass extension and more accurate, detailed bass reproduction.

The benchmark of subwoofers

Our flagship twin 9-inch driver force cancelling subwoofer is hand built in the UK. A truly extraordinary subwoofer, Reference 8b delivers exceptional bass precision and control.

Reference 8b



Redefining subwoofer excellence

These class-leading subwoofers use technology derived from the Reference and R Series to deliver accuracy and incredible depth. The twin-driver force-cancelling configuration with P-Flex Surround design deliver performance beyond their room-friendly dimensions. KC92 is the perfect balance of discreet size and impressive performance, while KC62 is when size matters.







Shaping the Future of High-Fidelity

Celebrating 60 years of acoustic innovation, LS60 Wireless is our vision of high-fidelity sound for the future. An all-in-one speaker system that allows you to stream from any source and connect to any home audio devices with audiophile-grade power.

Versatile for effortless immersion

Kube subwoofers allow you to explore new depths of sound. Enhanced by Music Integrity Engine®, Kube delivers optimised performance with exceptional depth and dynamics. With 4 sizes in the range with flexible connectivity, Kube is designed to effortlessly adapt to any setup and anywhere you place them.

Uniquely slim

Easy to conceal thanks to its uniquely slim profile, the T2 delivers fast, uniformly dispersed and devastatingly accurate bass and features a 250 Watt Class D amplifier and 10-inch driver.




Subwoofer Accessories

Whether you’re looking to expand connectivity options or optimise the performance, we have the perfect accessories to meet your needs.

KSK92 Subwoofer Stacking Kit (for KC92)



KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit



Frequent Asked Questions

What is a subwoofer?

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A subwoofer is a speaker specialised in reproducing the very lowest frequencies in a soundscape, between 20 and 200Hz. Adding a subwoofer to your sound system builds out the sound further for superb detail and allows you to feel the depth of the bass in your chest physically.

What are active and passive subwoofers?

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A passive subwoofer doesn’t have an amplifier built-in, so it will have to be connected to an amp to drive powerful sound. An active subwoofer has one or more amplifiers already built into the cabinet. Reference 8b, KC92, KC62, Kube and T2 subwoofers are active, whilst all installed subwoofer of KEF Architectural Speakers are passive.

What is the best subwoofer for my home theatre?

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Subwoofers enhance a home theatre setup, reproducing the depth of rolling thunder or a monster’s roar with perfect precision.

See our guide to setting up the perfect home theatre for tips on the speakers and subwoofers that will make your movie nights magnificent, or explore our home theatre bundles to find everything you need in one place.

Where should a subwoofer be placed?

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Subwoofer placement is completely down to your preference. Placing them in the front of the room is a popular choice as it creates a seamless blend of subwoofers and speakers. Corners are also an excellent choice as they can create a denser standing wave pattern in the room.

However, performance of a subwoofer at a given listening position is influenced by the dimensions and behaviours of the room. See our complete guide to subwoofers for further placement tips.

Do subwoofers have a break-in period?

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Audiophiles often find speakers and subwoofers produce richer sound after a break-in period. See our guide to speaker break-in to learn how to achieve flawless audio.

How many subwoofers do I need?

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A single subwoofer can significantly enhance your listening experience. However, incorporating multiple subwoofers can offer a solution that delivers truly exceptional and immersive sound.

Firstly, multiple subwoofers can help reduce the negative effects of standing waves. Standing waves produce dips and peaks at certain frequencies throughout the room. By strategically positioning multiple subwoofers, the bass performance can be smoothed out, creating a more consistent seat-to-seat experience.

Secondly, subwoofers placed very close together playing the same audio will acoustically couple – essentially acting like one larger subwoofer. Whilst this has the effect of creating more output (up to an additional 6dB), the biggest benefit is that each subwoofer can be played at a lower volume than a single one for a given output level. This allows the subwoofers to increase headroom for a more dynamic performance.

At KEF, we find having multiple subwoofer positions provides the biggest upgrade. Once the desired in-room response is achieved, then consider using multiple subwoofers at each position as a subsequent upgrade.

See our guide to decide if multiple subwoofers could be the audio option for you.

Should I use LFE or Manual mode?

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The general rule is to have only one crossover in a signal path. If you are using the crossover function on an AV Receiver, stereo amplifier/preamplifier or the LS Wireless Collection wireless HiFi speakers, then your subwoofer should be set to LFE mode. This will bypass the crossover on the subwoofer itself.

If your speaker does not have bass management, then leave the subwoofer in Manual mode, and adjust the crossover dial on the subwoofer itself as necessary.

What connections do KEF subwoofers have?

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KEF active subwoofers support RCA line level inputs and also support a speaker level input if your AV Receiver or integrated amplifier/preamplifier does not have RCA line level outputs*.

KC92, KC62 and Kube subwoofers are also compatible KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit for more flexible placement without signal cables to pair with wireless HiFi speakers.

*Applicable to Reference 8b, KC92, KC92, Kube subwoofers

How do I connect my subwoofer and speakers?

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Connect your subwoofer to speakers via the LFE or pre-amp outputs on your amplifier or AV receiver through a cable.

KEF's speaker level inputs are designed to be fully balanced and are compatible with most amplifiers. Simply connect the terminals via speaker cable in the same way you would connect a loudspeaker (for example left positive to left positive etc).If using subwoofers in a stereo configuration, simply run one pair of cables to each subwoofer, there is no need to connect into all four inputs of the terminal block.

KC92, KC62, and Kube subwoofers feature SmartConnect, which automatically ensures that you get the maximum output capability whether you have one or two signal cables connected to the subwoofer. This eliminates the need to purchase a y-adapter cable when using a mono (single cable) input.

See our subwoofer connection tips blog for more guidance.

Note: The RCA inputs are labelled for convenience when reading the manual. SmartConnect engages regardless of which input is used.

How do I set up a KEF subwoofer with KEF wireless HiFi speakers?

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KEF active subwoofers can be easily set up with the LS Wireless Collection speakers through the KEF Connect app by simply choosing the relevant subwoofer from the list in the app’s EQ profiles. This will set the relevant crossovers and gain settings.

These settings can also be adjusted. To return to the original preset, simply choose the subwoofer again from the list.

See our guide to integrating the subwoofer with LS wireless speakers for more tips.

Can I plug multiple sources into my subwoofer?

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It is not recommended to plug multiple systems into your KEF subwoofer, as some inputs may disable the use of others.

What does “EQ” mode do for KEF subwoofers?

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Found in KC92, KC62, and Kube, "EQ" mode is an equaliser mainly used for boundary gain compensation. When a subwoofer is placed near a boundary (wall), the low frequencies are often reinforced. In many cases this is welcomed. Sometimes, however, it can result in boomy, less defined bass. The EQ switch reduces the output by different amounts to compensate for this increase. The Room setting does not change the output, whilst Wall, Corner and Cabinet progressively reduce the output more and more.

Apartment mode (available in KC92/KC62) is different, in that it reduces output very steeply from 30Hz downwards. This is to help stop very low frequencies from travelling to neighbouring homes, whilst still maintaining great depth in-room.

Which subwoofer should I choose?

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The perfect subwoofer for you isn’t necessarily the biggest or most powerful. Consider the space you’re trying to fill, how much room you have for your subwoofer, and, of course, your budget.

KEF offers subwoofers in various sizes, wattages and price points to bring exquisite bass to listeners of all kinds. From the cleverly compact Kube 8 MIE that slots perfectly into a smaller listening nook to the cutting-edge KC92 that delivers remarkably deep and impactful bass with exceptional precision, KEF will surely have the right active subwoofer for your home.

See our guide on how a subwoofer can enhance your audio setup for further assistance in making your decision.

Have more questions? Contact us for expert assistance.
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